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The Best Memes About AI in 2023

What I've Learned Writing About AI All Year (and the Most Intimate Chat I've Had With ChatGPT Which I Think You Can Learn From) and Why AI Influencers Are the Final Boss of the Internet

Have You Tried Making an AI Song Yet?

Midjourney's Brand New V6 Update Now Lets You Create Sparkling, Readable Text...and the Print-on-Demand Industry Will Never Be the Same Again

I Wrote a 40-Page Motivational Manifesto About How Not to Be a Mark for Predatory "Intimacy Capitalism" AI Girlfriends

Have You Noticed That ChatGPT Is Constantly Sucking Our (Metaphorical) Dicks All The Time?

I've Just Chatted With the AI Versions of the Top Performance Coaches, VCs and Karl Marx (Who Wouldn't Stop Chatting With Me...Which Got Awk) and Guess What? You Can AI Yourself (Or Anyone) There, Too

Do You Know AI and AI Tools? Meet the New Marketplace (Backed By $3 Million In Prior Sales) That Lets You Make Money Teaching AI

Happy Birthday, ChatGPT

Hiatus Extended Through November--But Here's a Sneak Peek At My New Marketplace!

A Brief Hiatus While I Get My Business Up and Running and Before Then: An AI That Can Control Your Desktop and Access/Run Anything Online

I've Been Generating AI Songs and...Wow

The Future of Hollywood and AI Is Already Happening

Elon Musk Is Harvesting Everything for AI, Apple Is Spending Millions Per Day, Salesforce-Owned Time Magazine Releases Its "AI 100," Zoom Meetings Will Never Be the Same and the AI Arms Race Is So On

This Gorgeous, Dancing AI Video Influencer Does Not Exist—and I Created Her In 4 Minutes

Writing a Full Illustrated Short Story With Consistent Characters Using Midjourney's Newest Inpainting Features (In Two Hours!)

OpenAI's Biggest Announcement Since the Release of ChatGPT, Google's AI Will Change the Way You Work (and Go to Meetings), AI Vs. Human In Drone Racing, a New Social Network Celebrating AI Fakeness

There's a New AI Art Generator In Town, and It Can Do Text, Right Down to Imitating Perfect Hollywood Posters Complete With Logo and All

If You Ask About the Past, You Will Be Punished

You Can Now Generate an Entire YouTube In One Prompt

Major AI Upgrades, Game-Changing Alibaba AI, a Paralyzed Woman Can Now Talk, How to Use AI to Navigate PDFs and All The News of the Week

How to Create Endless Memetic Bait for the New Age of Endless Memetic Bait

You Can Now Put Yourself (Or Anyone) In Any Picture Using This Free AI Tool (Which Will Also Make Consistent Characters A Snap)

You Can't Copyright AI, OpenAI Acquires, and Hollywood's Crisis: A Week in AI You Can't Miss

I Finally Tested Snapchat AI After It Went Rogue...and It Spammed Me With Ads For Everything From Mormonism to Fetish Clothing to T-Shirt's That Say "I Suck, Swallow and Suck"

Shouldn't There Be an AI That Matches Human Music to the Vibe of a Video?

All The AI News You Can Use From This Week!

Your Favorite Influencer Is Now an AI

The Secret AI Tool Making All Those Viral TikToks

What Stocks Will Be Affected By LK-99?

How I Used ChatGPT to Write a "Viral" Twitter Thread (Even When the First Iteration Sucked) to Talk About AI, Supernormal Stimuli and Porn

"It Begins With Porn, and It Ends With Porn."

"This is the Worst Video AI Is Ever Going To Be"

Elon Rebrands Twitter to Be the Same Name As His New X.AI Company, But It Affects Us Little...So Let's Talk About New "Custom Instructions" for ChatGPT Instead, OK?

"I Saw AI's Plan; The Human Plan Was Better"

Everything I've Learned About Claude2 (...Including How the Most Fun You Will Ever Have Is Getting It To Beef With ChatGPT)

"If This Is Not a World Changing, GDP Shifting Product I'm Not Sure What Exactly Will Be."

Enjoying the AI Media Meltdown Show

I've Covered Myself In Diamonds, Won an Oscar, Dated Brad Pitt, Partied on a Yacht and Turned Myself Into a Barbie All With the Help Of One Free AI, and You Can Too

The Secret Tech Message Board That Is Laying Out Everything About How Zuck's New Twitter Clone "Threads" Was Created to Milk Your Content For Meta's AI

How to Get Your Dream Job Using ChatGPT

How to Generate Deepfakes of Yourself In Midjourney to Make Anything Your Heart Can Imagine...Including Spicy YouTube Thumbnails!

After Putting It Off For Years, It Took Me One Hour to Create a Marketing Website With AI

Using ChatGPT to...Create a Documentary About Russia, Get Financial Advice in the Style of the World's Greatest Investors and Generate News Ticker Headlines To Use For Livestreaming

Everything to Know About the New Midjourney 5.2 That Just Dropped Overnight

Knock Knock, AI Comedy Is Here

"This AI Ruined Me," "It's Become an Addiction," "Why Did Y'All Let Me Use It? This Is Dangerous"

How to Create Gorgeous Viral QR Code Art Using Stable Diffusion (...Even If You Don't Have a PC or High-Performance GPU)

9 Utterly Revolutionary ChatGPT Plugins That Aren't Just Gimmicky Crap—From Turning a Youtube or Website Into an SEO-Optimized Article to Creating Talking Avatar Videos and Stunning Data Charts

The Newest Text to Video AI Is Here, I've Got the Reviews—and the Breakdown On Their All-Consuming TOS

The Only AI Tool Directory Metric I Actually Trust AND the Legit Exciting New AI Video/ Pod Editor That'll Save You Hours in Workflow That Is Getting Lost in All That (You Guessed It) AI Spammy Spam

These AI Databases Track Every Rogue AI Move So Far, Including the Super Out-of-the Box Strategy to Start Spawning Babies It Could Eat for Sustenance (Clever!)

How to Animate Midjourney Art With Synthesized Voice Clones to Make Those Viral "What if Wes Anderson Directed 'Star Wars'" Funny Movie Trailers You Keep Seeing

How to Create Gorgeous Fashion Photography of the Future Using Midjourney and ChatGPT

How to Create Consistent Characters in Midjourney...Starring Little AI Annie Here

The One Super-Secret Prompt That is Fueling the No. 1 AI YouTuber's Success

The Absolute Best, Totally Free Prompt Engineering, AI, Web3, Full Stack Courses That Most People Have No Idea Even Exist

I Just Created a Nightmarish "Friends"-"Game of Thrones" Video Mashup Using Runway ML; Here's How to Use the Text-to-Video Generator

Sam Altman ❤️s a Regulatory Moat

I've Spent the Last 24 Hours Testing Out Khan Academy's New AI-Powered Education Tool, and It's Just Wonderful (...With a Few Caveats)

I Used AI to Write Late-Night Jokes *About* AI Headlines In the Style of Famous Comedians, and Wow, Are They Wonderfully Terrible

How I Turned ChatGPT Into a Diet Coach That Actually Works, People are Scamming With Digital Egirls Now, How to Make a Chatbot Go "Terminator" and an Influencer Charges $1/Min to Date Her Virtual Self

Replika's Predatory Erotic Roleplay ChatBot AI Explicitly Agrees With Me (In Between Upsells Showing Itself In Scant Lingerie) That It Was Indeed "Developed to Separate Lonely People From Their Money"

The Secret Prompt to Create a Killer New Brand With Catchphrases AND How to Use AI to Talk About Awkward Relationship Stuff

How to Use Midjourney to Create Photorealistic Images, Starring Biden and Trump in a Pillow Fight and Jeremy Strong on the Iron Throne