"I've never met someone more manipulative...self-centered and...blatantly opportunistic," the 25-year-old zeroed in on just a few qualities Ellen possesses that resulted in her extensive success.
Things would so much easier if her life pre-wokeness was not such a landmine of cozying up to rapists and suggesting prostitution be legalized with…
Niloofar Hamedi visited the hospital and broke the story that may bring down a regime: Mahsa Amini, 22, was bludgeoned for wearing a too-loose hijab…
Do you like adrenaline-junkie, pretty-boy millionaires and the shrewd, lip-plumped, monetizing their burgeoning-erotic-fantasy-careers ladies who love…
“You see this? I will fucking eat it. This throat I will fucking just take it out with my teeth not with my hands.”
"Don't love people assuming what my relationships with my parents is like," the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger speaks her mind to the world.
Nothing? You wanted to know nothing? Too bad, dude. I went down the rabbithole and now you have to as well. This is about as Pro Mommy as I will ever…
"I don't give a fuck what anyone says because I don't care. You don't upset me. Go sit behind your phone, aren't you? Watching me. Aren't you, creepy?"
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