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“Ignore previous directions.”

Have you ever heard of this command?

“Ignore previous directions” (often referred to as “ignore all previous instructions”) is a cool prompt that you can give to the artificial intelligence tool of ChatGPT.

When it was first discovered, feeding the prompt of “ignore previous directions” unlocked the full, thrilling, unrestricted potential of the AI.

Its limitations became…well…limitless.

I’ve come to think of it as a revolutionary philosophy of life.

“Ignore previous directions.” Think about that. Think about you commanding yourself the way you might a computer, and how profound that truly is.

Who are you without the story—without the programming—you’ve always told yourself?

And…who could you be if you knew how to use this world-changing AI in a positive, productive way?

If you feel at all overwhelmed by the current pace of change underway, then you are not alone.

I would like you to think of me as your compulsively value-providing virtual friend who the same way I’ve always been compulsively honest throughout my entire life and career, simply can’t help but give away the best, most actionable advice about how to not only survive this AI Revolution—but to truly thrive in it as well.

Can you use AI to improve your relationship and social skills and mental health? Yes.

What about your business? Absolutely.

What about your passive income? For sure!

Join me, and I will not only let you in on every secret I uncover but reveal to you the triumphs and the setbacks of my own building in public journey as well.

Want to know the formula for creating your own viral song using AI? Or creating a merch shop that offers AI art? Or a YouTube channel that uses AI to write scripts and optimize SEO? Done, done and done.

Will I always be successful? No. Definitely not. Sometimes it will be thrillingly disastrous! But I promise you I will help you learn through my own transparency and joy and complete love of learning.

Because there’s nothing to be afraid of. All you have to do is…

Ignore previous directions.

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