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Hi, this is Mandy Stadtmiller here, and I’m going to write you a little pitch about why you should subscribe, okay?

All I’ve done my entire life is consume, analyze, scheme, dissect and theorize regarding media and pop culture.

When I was 18, I got an internship as a features writer for The Washington Post that was so competitive it was, stats-wise, harder to land than into Harvard Medical School.

I’m now 46, and I’m like a walking encyclopedia of Vanity Fair-esque insights, but not the snooty ones that are all about the royals or whatever. I know the best stories, the wildest trends, the most unbelievable subcultures—all the stuff that used to fill the pages of your favorite newspapers and magazines—or say an online publication like The Daily Beast where I was able to just-barely-make-it-past-gatekeepers to break one of the first major stories about incels despite being thwarted by an unethical editor—but I don’t anymore because they’re too busy brainwashing you about whatever corporate agenda they’re on about.

I just can’t be a shill. It sort of sickens me? I would much rather spill every secret I’ve ever learned, make you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt and help remind you every time you read a new edition of Rabbitholed that there is always a sense of possibility in the world no matter where you look—all while using the confectionary guilty-pleasure lens of stories that are like a thrilling, mentally pleasing psychographic puzzle which I containerize for you enough so you can go on about to impress your closest friends, family and hot strangers.

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You also get all the pre-Rabbitholed archives which are called Telling On Myself. That’s from mid-2021 to mid-2022 when my entire world felt like it was falling apart, re-assembling, falling apart again and forcing me to figure out how to stay alive. It’s sort of the unofficial sequel to Unwifeable? It’s definitely the unofficial sequel to Unwifeable. Enjoy that, too.

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That’s my bold prediction.

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