Talk about a clickbait headline!

January 2023

Internet culture is making me fucking miserable. But there is a lot that doesn't make me miserable: Like helping people. So I'm going to pivot. This is…
With the black-spot-riddled brain of an NFL player, Andy Dick is not a well man. As one of the women he's assaulted over the years, I argue for…
Rabbitholed #83: Behind the Scenes, In the Works, Insights You Can Borrow From HopefullyListen now (62 min) | And if you can’t, then that’s it’s own lesson!
"Give us a good rape, give us a good murder," she once wrote. "And we are guaranteed a successful broadcast."

December 2022

"Get up to speed now," the wunderkind 37-year-old CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman answers an interviewer, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Whatever, just…
Rabbitholed #80: A very special second secret podcast, this one featuring my boyfriend, specifically talking about what you can do (anyone…Listen now (37 min) | I’m still deathly ill. Sorry for the coughing.
Rabbitholed #79: Secret podcast about my life, this Substack, generative AI and my deep awkward gratitude for you personallyListen now (49 min) | It’s a secret podcast 🥰🦈☀️It’s a good podcast!
This is a story unparalleled in media censorship about deadly white male violence against a lesbian interracial couple and their black son. When the…

November 2022

How exactly is the new celeb class of "accountability" doxxers *instantly* connecting a blurry pic of some dude on the Internet to his entire social…
There are 700+ comments on the FB of the mother of the accused Club Q shooter. The final post, deleted recently, shows her worried her son's gone…
You know what’s gross? Self-promotion. You know what’s necessary? Self-promotion.