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Rabbitholed #81: Generative AI Is (Secretly) Upending Life As We Know It—So Here Are All The Essential Knowledge and Tools to Not to Get Left Behind...and Ride a Wave of Riches Into the Future Instead

Rabbitholed #80: A very special second secret podcast, this one featuring my boyfriend, specifically talking about what you can do (anyone, non-tech) to release an app using Generative AI 🥰

Rabbitholed #79: Secret podcast about my life, this Substack, generative AI and my deep awkward gratitude for you personally

Rabbitholed #78: Dana Rivers Is the Story the Media Doesn't Want You to Read

Rabbitholed #77: The TikTok Celeb Who Recorded a Mean Girl in the Wild; TikTokers Who'll Gleefully Doxx You PLUS (Free) Tech That Gives You an AI Art Director AND (Paid) Tech That Lets You Find Anyone

Rabbitholed #76: Accused Hate-Crime Killer Anderson Lee Aldrich's Mother's Last FB Post Seemingly Wonders if Her Son Has Gone Missing and Says He Told Her to "Get Ready to Have the Best Night Ever"

Rabbitholed #75: How to Create a Brand to Generate Life-Changing Passive Income—Even If the Idea of Branding Makes You Want to Die

Rabbitholed #74: The Lonely Live-Streamed Slow Death of Aaron Carter

Rabbitholed #73: The Drunk, Racist OnlyFans Star Who Uploaded Content After Killing Her Boyfriend In Cold Blood

Rabbitholed #72: Pain

Rabbitholed #71: I Got All Them Spirit Halloween Jokes For You

Rabbitholed #70: She Tried Van Life; Now She's Homeless

Rabbitholed #69: The Serial Killer Writing From Prison to Tell His Daughter She's "Fat"

Rabbitholed #68: The Gaslighting of Amouranth

Rabbitholed #67: The Piper From OITNB-Looking Texas Witch Who Just Went Viral Mimicking the Original Karen

Rabbitholed #66: I'm Trying to Go Viral

Rabbitholed #65: The Bucket Bunny vs. Lineman Wife Catfight on TikTok is Sexist, Regressive and Wildly Real

Rabbitholed #64: Ariel Fulmer—Cheated-On Try Guy Wife—Now Pursuing a Celeb Famous For Dating Jilted Moms

Rabbitholed #63: Jeremy Strong is Our No. 1 Boy

Rabbitholed #62: The TikToker "Pranking" His Parents By Acting Like Jeffrey Dahmer

Rabbitholed #61: Ellen, The Former Child Star Greyson Chance and a Very Special “They Don’t Call it ‘Show Friends’” Teachable Moment

Rabbitholed #60: Olivia Wilde's "Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss" Feminism Unravels

Rabbitholed #59: Why Are Iranians Asking the World to "Be Our Voice"? Because the Journalist Who Broke the Story of How Iran's "Morality Police" Killed Mahsa Amini Is Now...Arrested. In Prison.

Rabbitholed #58: The Rock Star, the OnlyFans Mistress, the Pregnant Supermodel Wife and the “Naming Your Baby After a Side Chick is Terrorist Behavior” New Rules of Modern Love

Rabbitholed #57: You Think Armie Hammer’s Scary? Meet the Self-Professed Stabber Cannibal Woman-Beater Platformed By YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki Despite Endless Complaints

Rabbitholed #56: The Most Relatable 'Nepo Baby' With the Scariest Celebrity Dad Accurately Diagnoses the Internet

Rabbitholed #55 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adult Baby Diaper Lovers

Rabbitholed #54 The Tattooed Mom of Two Who Will Haunt Your Dreams

Rabbitholed #53: The Conspiracy Theory Predicting CGI Aliens and Christ Coming to Earth

Rabbitholed #52: Entering Your "Villain Era"?

Rabbitholed #51: The Living "Friends" Episode Starring the House-Husband and the Girl Boss

Rabbitholed #50: The Sorority Girl and the Performance Artist

Rabbitholed #49: The Secret to Life

Rabbitholed #48: The Young Girl Using TikTok to Determine If She Was Assaulted—All While Trying to Win Her Ex Back, Too

Rabbitholed #47: Fifteen Gloriously Trashy, Funny or Newish TV Shows and Movies You've Probably Never Heard of to Rehabilitate You In Your Hour of Need

Rabbitholed #46: Why Is Self-Described "Pervert and Deviant" Mayor David J. Faber So Excited About Terrorizing an 80-Year-Old Woman Who Doesn't Want Men in Little Girl's Changing Rooms?

Rabbitholed #45: The Best, Most Problematic Documentary On TV Right Now

Rabbitholed #44: The Unbelievable Life and Death of Anne Heche

Rabbitholed #43: The '80s Movie That Can Still Turn Things Around

Rabbitholed #42: Inside The Terrifyingly Toxic World of an Online Pedo Hunter and the Exes Who Want Him Canceled

Rabbitholed #41: Andrew Tate Wants to Be Your New Incel Daddy

Rabbitholed #40: If You've Ever Wanted to Feel Less Messy, Boy Do I Have the Woman For You

Rabbitholed #39: Sania Khan Bravely Chronicled Leaving Her Abusive Husband—Up Until He Drove 11 Hours to Murder Her Inside Her High-Rise Chicago Apartment

Rabbitholed #38: The No. 1 YouTube Kids Channel Turning Toddlers Into Overstimulated Zombies—Allegedly!

Rabbitholed #37: Death by 4.2 Million Followers

Rabbitholed #36: The Wildest Oversharing TikTok Relationship Drama Ever

Rabbitholed #35: In Anticipation of Nathan Fielder's New HBO Show, I Boned Up On Every Piece of Nathan Fielder Media I Could Find and Found Renewed Will to Live Again

Rabbitholed #34: Everything You Wanted to Know About Trolls But Were Afraid to Ask

Rabbitholed #33: Why Is Plastic Surgery More Popular Than Ever—and Increasingly So Extreme?

Rabbitholed #32: The YouTuber Who Almost Killed His Friend

Rabbitholed #31: The Toxic Tech Titan Who Can Hack Anything—Except His Own Likability

Rabbitholed #30 Martin Shkreli Has a Secret Twitter Account Pretending to Be a "He/Him" LatinX Singer...Who Still Does Not Want to Date Christie Smythe

Rabbitholed #29: The Suspended Googler Who Believes the Company's AI is a "Sentient" Person Requiring Consent Once Founded a Cult With an Ex-Porn Star; She Now Claims He "Crossed" Her "Boundaries"

Rabbitholed #28: Raised on PewDiePie Since She Was 6, This 15-Year-Old Just Got Her Braces Off and is Poised to Take Over YouTube—and Maybe the World

Rabbitholed #27: Meet the Guru Killer

Rabbitholed #26: The "Golden Boy of the Internet" Disappeared for 9 Months—and Returned This Week to Say "Part of Me Just Wants to Die Sometimes, All of the Time"

Rabbitholed #25: The "Sigma Male Grindset" Culture is a Sweet Imagined Rebellion Against the Tyranny of Profilicity

Rabbitholed #24: Meet the Well-Heeled Family of a Toilet-Licking, Self-Proclaimed Sociopath OnlyFans Star Who Claims She Slept With Antonio Brown, Pete Davidson and Found Her Dad On a Sugar Baby Site

Rabbitholed #23: Welcome to the Revenge of the Pornstache Summer

Rabbitholed #22: New Hot-Girl Performative-Outrage Status Symbol Just Dropped

Rabbitholed #21: From Illustrating Karl Marx as a Happy Meal Toy to Showing the Taliban Holding a Pride Parade to Portraying Homer Simpson Starring in "Psycho"—Meet the AI That's Taking Over the World

Rabbitholed #20: The Triumphant Return to Sanity of a Fitness YouTuber Who Documented His Drug-Induced Psychosis

Rabbitholed #19: When the World is Darkest, This is the Healing Corner of the Internet You Seek

Rabbitholed #18: We Need to Talk About Ezra

Rabbitholed #17: Felicia Sonmez Makes Me Feel Deeply Unsafe Online

Rabbitholed #16: Accused Cult Leader Teal Swan's Childhood Best Friend and the Elderly Vet She Claims Satanically Abused Her for 13 Years and Sewed Her Into a Corpse Believe She is an Insane Sociopath

Rabbitholed #15: Why is Jeff Bezos Allowing Millions of Teenage Girls to Watch the Severely Anorexic Influencer Eugenia Cooney Slowly Kill Herself On Stream?

Rabbitholed #14: The Most Iconic Party Girl of All Time Whose Catchphrase Will Soon Be Yours: "Let's Try It!"

Rabbitholed #13: What Would a Living Algorithm Look Like? Meet the Pregnant OnlyFans Star Role-Playing an ASMR Amber Heard Apology Who Has Also Pretended to Be JonBenet Ramsey About to Get Murdered

Rabbitholed #12: The Stomach-Turning, Bleaker Than Bleak "Don't Ask Questions, Just Consume Product and Then Get Excited For Next Products" World of Consoomerism

Rabbitholed #11: The One Very Socially Awkward Question Making TikTokers' Fame Explode

Rabbitholed #10: The Real-Life Mormon Mom Swinger Drama That Seems Like It’s Being Story-Edited By Hollywood—"We Played With Fire and We Got Burned"

Rabbitholed #9: The Catfisher Who Showed Up at a Funeral, Pretended to Have a Target’s Dog, Stalked Using Snap Map and Tricked 40 Men—Including Several Famous Athletes—Who Sometimes Sent Her Nudes

Rabbitholed #8: The Ricky Gervais Standup Special is Not Very Funny Boomer Cringe Created to Impress Dave Chappelle But He Does Defend Reality and Stands Up For Women So Thank You, Ricky Gervais

Rabbitholed #7: The Toxic School-Shooter-Obsessed True Crime Community Claims the Uvalde Elementary School Shooter As One of Their Own, Debates His Tagging of a Random Girl on Instagram

Rabbitholed #6: The "Hope"-Providing A-List Actress Now Dominating Hollywood Who Was Once Evicted and Publicly Humiliated By Her Actor Landlord—and Whose Most Private Diary Was Auctioned Off

Rabbitholed #5: The Chilling Internet Conspiracy Surrounding Johnny Depp, John Frusciante and the Night That River Phoenix Died Outside Depp's Club, The Viper Room, in 1993

Rabbitholed #4: The Serial Lying, Trauma-Stealing TV Writer Beloved By the Hollywood Elite

Rabbitholed #3: The Multi-Billion-Dollar Company That Surveilled, Stalked, Terrorized and Psychologically Tortured a Middle-Aged Couple as Revenge for Mild Corporate Criticism

Rabbitholed #2: The Fictosexual Man Rejecting Real Women In Order to Spend His Time Sexually Fantasizing About Cartoon 5-Year-Olds Instead

Rabbitholed #1: The TikToker Exposing Her Abusive Stepfather Who Impregnated Her Sister

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Let's catch up on various things while I type from my computer sitting outside and feeling the opposite of the oppression of the world crushing down on my chest

John Ritter, oracle

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It’s 5:24am, and I’ve been lying in bed for hours unable to sleep