Sitemap - 2021 - Ignore Previous Directions

This is a test beep boop bananas

If you have some form of love, you have everything

This is how I write after just watching “The Silence of the Lambs”

I ended my relationship with my father tonight

The difficulty in being a beautiful human

I’m in San Diego, making decisions

Zillow porn, Squid Game and the awkwardness of poverty

Dirty John and the chronicles of my cat

You were always enough

Have at least one friend in your life who can observe your patterns: words, hurts, fears

Bullies ain't nothing

I’m freaking out a little bit lately

This is gonna be one of those short messy posts because otherwise you're getting nothing and you'll like it

I want you to conduct an experiment and Zoom with someone and at some point say something that you wouldn't normally have the courage to say

It’s a wonderful life watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”

My sleep schedule is so incredibly off

Don't give up on the part of you that has died

Here's how to fuck

You have nothing to lose in living your life unafraid

Rest in peace, kitten

I’ve got 16 minutes to write this according to my little Substack work model

I'm wondering if I'm pregnant because I keep morning puking, and that's the news from Lake Mandy-gone

You have to gamify everything to get through it

I wish I had it in me to write more clickbait titles, it's just that to me that is hard sometimes because it feels like whoring, and sometimes you're not really in a whoring mood, you know?

This is the song my dad listened to over and over again after being shot twice in Vietnam

The reason I haven't written about my family and my trip to San Diego is because it felt so intense

Here are several ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes

I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem

People have no idea how much work ghostwriting truly is

I'm sitting in a dark room writing

I’m not gonna lie I’ve been 'straight up alcoholic lunatic' tradwifing it pretty hard here in Nevada, but I'm going to sober up long enough to write this

A succession of celebrity photos from 2012ish, including Anthony Bourdain, along with my comments about behind-the-scenes tales of why things happen, which I don't know much, but I do know some

I’m in Texas, flying to San Diego in a few hours

Ketamine and psilocybin helped my complex PTSD

Everything in my life has been going fucking great lately and Imma tell you the affirmations I did prior, cool?

The quickest decision maker wins

I’m writing this on my phone because my computer broke and also I’ve been traveling and am now in another state

The year 1995 is the key to everything

I had a brief cherished friendship with Norm Macdonald online, and I'd like to tell you about it

I'm putting together a Norm Macdonald tribute post but I need to get something out of my system first that I'm struggling with and maybe someone can relate

I just created a virtual human, and it was really fun

David Foster Wallace was an arrogant prick but he did write an essay about 9/11 I still think about

I'm afraid to write about anything lest it go away

I have had the strangest, most intense day, and I'll try to write about it now rather than some other bullshit to obfuscate like I normally do

You ever seen the first time Artie Lange was on Howard Stern?

I’m currently on a bit of an adventure

I have no idea what city I’m going to go to tomorrow

I cannot fall asleep

I like the same kind of guy over and over again

Do you know what toxic shame is?

Dude last night I did a deprogramming hypnosis

"That person is not okay." "That person is not okay either."

Why do you do the things you do?

Use your fears as a motivational mixtape

Why is brutal honesty always such a palette cleanser for life?

I’m a terrible prostitute

I've never felt as free

Things are going generally good

I’m gonna do a podcast with this fool

Every smart, charming dude is Bo Burnham now

Everything is weird right now including my nails

I’ve been thinking about superpowers

Here’s something about my life

“You’re just one funnel away.”

Hello dear reader

So clearly I need to change things

Can’t sleep

Little girls are never responsible for their own assault

I got a place in Vegas

Did a world ever exist before this one?

Hahaha omg

For the longest time I tried to get things I wanted with the way I thought things should be rather than how things are


Idk, dude

God is good

So much to say, no energy to say it

I bought a car

I filed for divorce today and I feel fine

Being political is terrifying

Scary people

Free your breasts, free your mind

You’re born alone and you die alone

The peace of the moment

Caffeine is not your friend

Here's how to have good skin

I *am* moving to Vegas

Thinking I might move to Vegas

You gotta make yourself really feel the good things

Colombo a go go

I'm having a hard time

"Everyone belongs to everyone else"

Stalk stocks, not dudes (or chicks)

It doesn't got to be heavy like that

Being okay with uncertainty and desire

Hotel, day two

I’m in a hotel

Life is strange and wonderful

There are long-form supercut episodes of The Office on that Peacock thing

Do you like motivation?

New York is gorgeous right now

My boxes arrived, and I'm celebrating with Sex and the City

Bad TV is my friend

"Better living through chemistry"




Miracles occur

Hi, reality!

Please be brave

The deep impact of Deep Impact

Mister Rogers is my dad

You’re free

Save yourself, love yourself, be yourself

Being more the way that you want to be

What you don’t have is what you have

I am living in the pit of my stomach

Catch the wave: Toxic shame!

I don’t want more sex. I don’t want more despair.

9 Viewings of Mad Men Season Six Episode 8 as Low-Cost Exposure Therapy for Treatment of Toxic Shame: A Review

I am the swine

Being truly there and vulnerable with someone is this crazy reward unto itself

Art is the way you break the trance

I don't know what

If the idea of a "new Nirvana song" using AI squicks you out, let me take you on a quick "Twilight Zone" ride into the future

How to get anyone to open up

I just consumed hundreds of pages of pick-up-artist techniques by a dude whose motto is "enslavement, not seduction!"

There's this 28-year-old #vanlife Instagrammer who killed herself a few days ago by stepping in front of a train

Have you seen the movie Promising Young Woman?

I'm such a codependent people-pleaser I gave a full-body massage to some one-night-stand hookup dude, like at least I didn't clean his apartment I guess?

"This is Water" as decoder ring to the universe.

The secret to any kind of creative act is to enjoy it

I'm starting to remember who I was before I started believing all the bad stuff.

It's a terrifying thing to become the object of someone's obsession.

If you’ve hung out with me for the past year I haven’t shut the fuck up about OTT.

A rollicking tale of Hollywood rollicks with a real-life Logan Roy

This is the millionth time I have tried to write this fucking thing.

If you want to know about my life this is the only place to do that.